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Our family has been growing garlic since 1999 on a fifty-acre plot of land, home to our organic garlic farm. Ribbon Road Farm is located along the Chautauqua ridge in the rolling hills of Western New York. The natural beauty, plentiful resources, and historic landmarks make this region a tourist destination and our home, sweet home. The farm is just minutes away from the Chautauqua Institute situated on Chautauqua lake, the great Lake Erie, and the many wineries that run along its shores.


The rich and fertile soils found here enable us to grow some of the best organic garlic anywhere and in turn the quality makes for unparalleled organic garlic products such as our famed black garlic. We have utilized the best of both nature and science to elevate both our growing and production practices to ever-increasing heights!


Combined with our passion and desire for a unique and delicious eating experience, we aim to provide culinary ingredients that inspire chefs and foodie enthusiasts alike. Trying black garlic for the first time is surprising, delightful, and fun — not to mention so good for you! We hope that our passion and love for all things garlic will inspire you to try something that ignites the same passion in you!


At the very heart and history of our family, there is and always has been a passion for cooking and  exploring the science of food. Even before the term “foodie” was popular, my family, the Ramm’s were true foodies!


Growing up my siblings and I watched my folks enjoy their seemingly endless days working in the kitchen in our family home in Cleveland, OH. The family farm, passed down through generations in Westfield, NY was another place where hours upon hours were spent joyfully.


No matter where the kitchen was, my mom had complete command, comfort, and confidence. She was forever experimenting with my dad to create new recipes for us to delight in. My mom focused on flavors, aromas, textures, and the health benefits of the food we ate. My siblings and I were the lucky ones to experience her creativity and love through the food she shared and the recipes we now all know and use in our own kitchens.


We spent every summer at the farm and watched my parent’s love for gardening come alive. My dad has a knack for knowing just what a plant needs in order to grow and thrive and how to create it. He grew a wide variety of vegetables each summer and was always up for trying something new — it was  always a surprise to see what came up out of the soil just beyond our door!


In the summer of 1999, my dad received a bag of garlic cloves from a local farmer in Westfield and you guessed it, garlic made its debut on the planting plan that year! The kitchen on the farm then became an experimental lab for this new crop and we quickly fell in love with the season, cycle, and practice of growing garlic on our land. Ribbon Road Garlic Farm was born and we have crafted a business and products we’re so proud of!


With hours of experimentation, the magic of nature, and the help of science, and organic certification in 2005, we are confident that not only do our fields produce incredible garlic, but that we have discovered and developed a one-of-a-kind product in our black garlic — unlike anything currently commercially available elsewhere!


Our proven quality has been tested (and tasted!) countless times by home cooks, chefs, foodies, and non-garlic lovers and the results support that our step-by-step process stands above other black garlic products we’ve tried.


Welcome to our family, our farm, and our kitchen. Do stay a while, get some inspiration, try some black garlic for yourself or gift to a friend. We’d love to hear from you, stay in touch!

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